At the beginning of November, Rolls-Royce announced “The Six Elements”, serving as a unique collection of six one-offs. The ultra-luxury brand needed only a week to sell all of them, but it’s only now the cars are being officially revealed. Based on the mildly facelifted Phantom introduced earlier this year, the luxobarges were presented at a private gala ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

They’re all based on the Extended version with a longer wheelbase for even more legroom. Work on the project commenced near the end of 2020 and each car has an assortment of bespoke elements. Rolls-Royce took inspiration from the five traditional elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Air. The sixth one is called Humanity as a nod to Sacha Jafri’s The Journey of Humanity. The artwork currently holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest canvas painting.

Rolls-Royce Phantom The Six Elements Water

The project came to life as a collaboration between Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi. British artist Sacha hand-painted some of the elements. For example, the coachline has a heart motif while the base of the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot has an engraving with one of the six elements. Inside, the passenger side of the dashboard (aka “The Gallery) has special artwork to further separate the cars from the regular Phantom Series II Extended.

The six cars come bundled with a non-fungible token (NFT), which the owner can sell separately. Rolls-Royce mentions that for every trade of the NFT, a royalty is going to be paid into a digital wallet. The funds raised will be put to good use in future charitable donations. At the unveiling of the sextuplet, the series had already generated more than $1 million for charity after the Goodwood-based marque allocated all six of them.

Source: Rolls-Royce