One of the biggest reveals from BMW M in 2023 is the second generation BMW M3 CS. The G80 supped up M3 was just spotted near the Nurburgring giving us a glimpse at its exterior design. Currently BMW sells a base rear-wheel drive M3, along with the more powerful and, arguably more fun, BMW M3 Competition. But the new BMW M3 CS will top both of these models in terms of performance.

540 hp and all-wheel drive

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The BMW M3 CS (G80) will produce around 540 horsepower, which puts it right below the 550 horsepower of the 2023 BMW M4 CSL. Furthermore, the new M3 CS will be available only with the xDrive all-wheel system and automatic gearboxes. Furthermore, the BMW M3 CS will be lighter than the Competition models, thanks to a wide range of standard carbon fiber parts. Just don’t expect the weight savings seen in the M4 CSL, likely around 30-40 kilograms lower.

Of course, some M4 CSL design cues will land on the M3 CS as well. The carbon fiber lip and yellow racing lights are just two of them. There will most likely be a new set of wheels, specific to the M3 CS models. In the back, we expect a new carbon fiber spoiler which will further differentiate the M3 CS from the rest of the lineup. The elephant in the room – the kidney grille – stays. But it will mimic the one from the M4 CSL which is far better looking than the standard M3/M4 kidneys.

Inside, bucket seats are expected in the front with a normal bench in the back. Even though some of us wished to see carbon bucket seats in the back ala M5 CS, unfortunately that’s not the case. iDrive 8 and a large curved display are also part of the M3 CS package. No other major changes are expected inside.

Pricing wise, we expect the BMW M3 and M4 CS models to cost at least $90,000 considering that the M3/M4 Competition start in the $72,000-$74,000 range. We’re expecting some sort of limited allocation for the M3 CS models, but certainly more than the 1,000 units M4 CSL.

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