If there’s an anonymous help group for people who buy dirt-cheap old premium cars, Alex Kersten needs to go as soon as possible. However, his pain is certainly our gain, as the videos he makes from these cheap old cars are genuine good fun. In this latest one, Kersten and his friends attempt to buy a daily driver for £2,000 and, predictably (if you’ve seen any of his videos), a BMW is purchased. This time, it’s an E61 5 Series Touring.

One of Kersten’s friend’s cars was damaged by a lamp post, so he needed a new car. Which is what prompted the Justice League of crappy old cars to jump into action and find him a new car.

The criteria for the new used car were that it had to be a wagon, it needed to have an economical diesel engine, and it needed to be a good, comfortable daily. Some of the cars they found that met all of that criteria, while also coming in under the £2,000 budget were awesome. The Volvo V50 R Design was quite nice and the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon was glorious looking (side note: I wanna move to the UK just for the cheap 159 Sportwagons, as it might be the coolest looking wagon I’ve ever seen).

In the end, they settled on an E61 520d Touring, with reasonable miles and a nice color scheme. While the E60-generation 5 Series still isn’t the most loved of all 5ers, thanks to its odd design, the Touring is the better looking version. The wagon shape fixes the E60 sedan’s weird rear end and makes the car look far better. But its interior is really nice, especially considering its age, and the fact that you can get such a car for that cheap in the UK almost makes me made.

Will it be reliable, like they wanted? Well, it’s an old, highly complicated, E60-gen 5 Series. So probably not. But at least it will be comfy and practical.