And now for something completely unexpected, MINI has built an unusually oversized charger that stands approximately 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall. Shaped like an RC controller, the 240V Level 2 electric vehicle charger is fully functional and will be in use during the first two days of the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show (November 18 and 19).

With good reason, you’re probably wondering by now what compelled MINI to create such a massive charger. The BMW-owned brand explains it was done just for fun as a play on the company’s typically small cars, although that’s less and less true considering the new Countryman will allegedly be nearly 4.5 meters (177 inches) long.

The XXL-sized charger was painted in Nanuq White, a color recently introduced for the 2023 Cooper SE. MINI gave it a black top finish to echo the company’s cars with their contrasting roofs. Fun fact – the massive wheel control mounted on the side of the charger is actually a wheel and tire taken from the real electric hatchback.

There’s also a 10-inch screen embedded into the structure, allowing attendees to see MINI’s “Nanuq the polar bear” campaign spot. The charger contains a QR code through which people can access the MINI Electric augmented reality filter to learn more about the charismatic EV while they wait for their own electric cars to charge.

The so-called MINI RC charger won’t be a one-time affair as the company intends to take it on a tour throughout the United States. It’ll be temporarily installed at a few dealerships in California “before being packed up in a giant cardboard box and stored in the attic at mom’s house.”

In the meantime, you can check it out today and tomorrow near the Los Angeles Convention Center where the show takes place. It can be found at the following address: 698 West Olympic Boulevard at the corner of Flower Street. To use the charger, look for a parking space with the “OUT-FUN THE COMPETITION” spray-painted within. These parking spots also have signage on both sides, with pointing arrows and the “CHARGE THIS WAY” message.

Source: MINI