Rolls-Royce always shows off some new and exciting colors and models at Pebble Beach and this year’s no different. In Monterey, California, the Rolls-Royce Pebble Beach Collection Cullinan and Ghost will be on display, with new exclusive colors. The two new colors are Forbidden Pink (Cullinan) and Crystal over Sagano Green (Ghost) and they’re both pretty special looking.

Interestingly, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a Black Badge model. Typically, Rolls shows off BB models in dark, brooding color schemes. However, this Pebble Beach Cullinan is a lovely vibrant shade of pink, with the Grace White interior leather. The white leather also gets Lime Green stitching, which is pretty fun. It’s cool to see such a bright color combination to contrast the black trim and badges of the Cullinan Black Badge. The best part is seeing the darkened Spirit of Ecstasy standing atop the pink hood, creating a great looking contrast. It also wouldn’t be a Rolls without special luggage and this Cullinan gets unique Peony Pink leather for its luggage, a first for Rolls.

However, it’s the Rolls-Royce Ghost “Silver Badge” Pebble Beach that’s even more interesting. Its Crystal over Sagano Green, which means it uses a Sagano Green paint but get six layers of Rolls’ new Crystal finish. It’s a gorgeous pastel looking green that works perfectly in the beautiful Monterey. No special luggage for the Ghost but it’s the better looking car overall. In fact, the Ghost is the best looking Rolls on sale, with its more subtle, delicate features and athletic feel. The Ghost is the Rolls you actually want to drive, rather than ride in.

Horatiu will be on hand at Pebble to check out the new Rollers, and whatever else the British luxury brand might show off. Stay tuned over the weekend for closer coverage of the most opulent American car event of the year.