Other than a race track, a twisty road represents the best way to enjoy a sports car unless you only care about straight-line acceleration. The owner of a previous-generation BMW M4 took his modded F82 on the canyon roads just outside California to fully enjoy his performance coupe. To be completely honest, the straight-piped machine is a smidge too loud for our tastes, but to each his own.

Aside from the custom exhaust delivering a far more aggressive soundtrack, the M4 has been tuned to around 525 horsepower and 530 pound-feet (nearly 720 Newton-meters) of torque. With all the oomph going to the rear axle, the back of the car is always eager to come out and play. This POV video shot just as the sun was about to set offers an immersive experience and gives an idea of what it’s like to own a screaming M4 with a tail-happy nature.

Attached at the bottom is a separate video posted by YouTuber Beemer Fam who happens to own this F82. After two years of ownership, he decided to do a cost breakdown, kicking off with the purchase price of $35,000 plus the $2,200 sales tax. Annual registration has been $350 while monthly insurance was another $250 on average.

If driven daily, fuel costs $250 a month, with $70 to fill up due to the skyrocketing prices. In these two years, the owner did a couple of oil changes at $150 a pop and had the spark plugs replaced for $550. A brake fluid flush procedure was another $150. Overall, he crunched the numbers and ended up with roughly $1,000 in maintenance costs during the two years of ownership, or only $41 per month.

Of course, these costs don’t take into account the aftermarket upgrades, namely the AWE Track Edition Exhaust and a stage 2 tuning kit from Alpine Motorsport for those extra horses and decibels.

Source: Beemer Fam / YouTube