It’s finally here, the car that so many BMW fans have been begging BMW to make for decades—the BMW M3 Touring. It’s been a long time coming and, now that it’s here, it isn’t a disappointment. Admittedly, this M3 Touring always wear the scarlet “G” for its hideous grilles, but the rest of it is—in the words of the legendary Bill Hader—shplendid. The reception for this new BMW M3 Touring is already pretty excellent, so it begs the question: will BMW make any more?

Aside from the typical grille comments (BMW made its toothy bed, now it’s gotta lay in it), fans and car enthusiasts in general are pretty pumped about the idea of a 500 horsepower M3 wagon. And they should be, that’s not only an incredibly exciting idea but a novel one, as there’s never been an M3 wagon in history. The only real issue (design comments aside) seems to be the fact that the M3 Touring will be pretty limited. Not only will BMW sell it in smaller numbers than any other M3/M4 model but it will only be sold in the European market. So BMW finally builds an M3 Touring, a car BMW fans across the globe have begged for, and only a small percentage of those fans will get one. As cool as the car is, that’s kinda lame.

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However, there is some potential light at the end of the M3 tunnel. With the warm reception of this M3 Touring, it’s very possible that the Bavarians decided to make another one, during the next-generation of M3. BMW execs always say the same thing when asked about why cars aren’t build or why they aren’t sold in a certain market: that there isn’t enough market demand to justify the car. For the M3 Touring, though, I think it’s safe to say the market is there, at least enough of a market to warrant a second generation.

The next-generation BMW M3 will likely be the first all-electric M car in history. It’s possible BWM M decides to make it a plug-in hybrid instead but, with the increasing amount of all-electric performance cars hitting the market in the next few years, that’s probably a waste of time. If BMW were to make it a plug-in hybrid, it’d have another six-year model cycle to use already outdated tech, while its competitors cruise by. So being a bit forward thinking and making the next-gen M3 all-electric is probably wise.

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If that does happen, and the next-gen M3 is a proper EV, then making different body styles will be even easier. The additional freedom of an electric car’s packaging—lacking the mechanical bits of an internal combustion engine car—will allow BMW’s designers to sort of go nuts with styling and designing a wagon will be both easier and more fun. Additionally, thanks to that added packaging bonus, just imagine the sort of cargo and passenger space you’d get from a genuine from-the-ground-up EV M3 Touring? It would be killer.

Of course, we don’t know if BMW is thinking about a future M3 Touring. Hell, even if the brass in Munich are thinking about one, there’s no guarantee such a car is made. However, judging by the incredible reception this new M3 Touring is getting, BMW would be dumb to not at least seriously consider it.