The BMW M240i is a car that punches above its weight. Despite not being a full-on M car and not having as much power as some other cars in its price range, it still manages to perform almost as good, if not just as good, as almost anything that’s thrown at it. But is it good enough to take on the new Audi RS3 Sedan, which is actually a rival for the BMW M2? Joe Achilles found out in this new video.

Achilles is currently running a BMW M240i as a long-term test car, so he’s spent a ton of time in it, knows its limitations, knows its strengths, and even knows how it performs on track. He was also on the press launch for the new Audi RS3 and seemed to really love the car back when he first drove it. Which is why his opinion on this comparison is interesting.

The two cars couldn’t honestly be more different. The BMW M240i is a two-door coupe with a turbocharged straight-six engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and rear-biased all-wheel drive system. While the Audi RS3 Sedan is a four-door sedan with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a front-biased all-wheel drive system. While the Audis a bit more powerful–making 400 horsepower versus the M240i’s 382 horsepower–it’s also more expensive.

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Both cars have their differences inside, too. The BMW M240i’s seating position is very good, allowing the driver to sit nice and low, but the Audi RS3’s isn’t great, forcing the driver to sit a bit higher. The Bimmer also has the nicer interior, which is rare when comparing BMWs to Audis. Inside the RS3 isn’t a bad place to be but it’s filled with too many cheap materials and shiny plastics.

But which car is actually better to drive, in the real world, on public roads? Well, the Audi RS3 is certainly faster, as Achilles ran a 3.63-second 0-60 mph time, which was almost three tenths of a second faster than the M240i. That doesn’t necessarily make it better to drive. To find out, Achilles took both cars on the same stretch of road, to see what they were like to drive back-to-back. It’s well worth a watch, so check it out.