While in Germany to test the new BMW M2, we had the chance to really get a good look at it up close. It was obviously wearing a factory camouflage (which looks awesome, by the way, and I hope BMW sells that as a factory livery somehow) but it’s not difficult to tell what the M2 actually looks like underneath the camo. From what we can tell, it’s going to be a great looking car.

Okay, so the grille is a bit different than on the standard 2 Series and, so far, kinda looks worse. However, the rest of the car looks really good and has a proper M car stance. Its rear haunches are flared and muscular, as are its front wheel arches, and it sits low to the ground the way an M car should. The larger hood bulge also sort of fixes the M240i’s odd front end proportions, as it adds more aggression to an otherwise pretty flat looking front end.

Inside, the G87 BMW M2 looks like a combination of an M240i and an M4 because that’s sorta what it is. So the dashboard, center console, and door panels are all standard 2 Series stuff. However, the carbon fiber-shelled seats are from the M3 and M4 and the iDrive 8 is from the facelifted versions of those cars. It’s a good combination, though, as it updates what was lame about the 2 Series cabin–its aging tech and humdrum seats–but leaves alone what was good–its overall design and thoughtful layout.

This new generation of 2 Series isn’t the perfect looking BMW. Its headlights are still a bit controversial, its taillights are blobby, and there are some awkward proportions from certain angles. However, when you look at the M2 after looking at an M3, the former becomes real eye candy. With the current crop of strange looking BMWs, we should count ourselves lucky that the new BMW M2 will look as good, and as normal, as it does.