This current generation of BMW M3 is quite possibly the most controversial of them all. Not only are its looks polarizing but it’s also the first to come with all-wheel drive. As a driver’s car, it’s mostly outstanding and could be among the very best M3s of all. Though, as with all cars, it isn’t perfect. Which is why Top Gear decided to list three good things about the new G80 M3 and three not-so-good things.

Top Gear’s Rowan Horncastle has been running the G80 BMW M3 Competition as his long-term test car for the last few months, which gives him a great understanding of this new, controversial M3. In this video, he lists his likes and dislikes about the M3 after spending months behind the wheel.

Ironically, to start off, Horncastle likes the seats. The new carbon fiber bucket seats have been heavily criticized by some and adored by others. Horncastle falls into the latter camp, claiming them to be some of the best seats on the market. I personally agree but I know many enthusiasts that would passionately disagree.

The first complaint is an obvious one — the grille. BMW’s new kidney grille has become the most divisive design cue in the brand’s history. Though, he does take it a bit easy on the grille, claiming it to be the best looking of all BMW’s other recent large grilles, including the XM Concept and iX.

I won’t spoil all of this likes and dislikes, as you should go watch the video. However, Top Gear had to send the BMW M3 Competition back to BMW, as its long-term loan has run its course, but it did get a worthy replacement in an M3 Competition xDrive. It will be interesting to see how Horncastle and the rest of Top Gear’s editors feel about the xDrive model, versus the rear-drive model, after several months in both.

[Source: Top Gear]