We’ve just learned that the BMW M4 CSL could be limited to just 1,000 units worldwide. Given the ultra-special nature of the CSL, that number doesn’t seem particularly peculiar. However, it will leave a lot of wanting fans, as there will be thousands more that will want the M4 CSL, can afford the M4 CSL, but won’t be able to buy one. If you’re a potential customer that’s still making up your mind, maybe check these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

It seems like we can’t go a day without new M4 CSL spy photos popping up. I guess that’s what happens when BMW begins testing a special, highly anticipated, hyper-exclusive sports car…

In these new photos, the M4 CSL test mule is heavily covered in camouflage but that doesn’t stop us from understanding what sort of visual differences it will have. Up front, some new aggressive front air intakes can be seen through the camo, as can the lower front lip. But the big facial change for the CSL model is the kidney grille insert, which now features a sort of horizontal “Y” patter and tons of negative space. It would seem that the CSL needs quite of bit of extra airflow to its engine.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

Down the side, new side skirts visually lower the look of the car, while the rear quarter window is covered in camouflage. That last bit is unusual and we’re wondering if maybe BMW fitted it with some sort of lighter glass, maybe even a Perspex-like material. The roof also wears some camo, so it’s possible that it has a new version of the carbon fiber roof. Even the standard M4 has a carbon roof, so it wouldn’t make sense to camouflage it unless there were some changes made.

The biggest visual indicator of its CSL-nature, though, is its ducktail spoiler. Just like the E46 M3 CSL before it, the BMW M4 CSL will have a ducktail spoiler built into its trunk lid. It’s a better look than a fixed rear wing, too.

Thankfully, it also seems as if BMW left the exhaust design unchanged. Some enthusiasts were nervous that BMW would give the CSL the new M Performance-style stacked quad exhaust pipes, which haven’t exactly been well received.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

Under the hood, the BMW M4 CSL will pack an uprated version of the standard M4’s 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6, making between 550-560 horsepower. It will be automatic/rear-wheel drive-only, which makes a bit of sense, when you consider the take rate on current M3s and M4s.

If you’re one of the potential BMW M4 CSL customers, hopefully this article can help you make your decision, as you’re going to need to make it far ahead of the car’s release to snag one of the limited units worldwide.

[Source: Motor1]