We recently saw some spy photos of the upcoming G42 BMW 2 Series Coupe, the standard version of the next-gen car. However, we also know that there’s a proper M variant on the way and one that will excite the fanbase. Thankfully, we’ve gotten our paws on some new spy photos of the next-gen BMW M2 Coupe, to get a bit of a taste of the upcoming car before it debuts.

There’s some good news in these photos. For starters, we can see that the BMW M2 will retain its muscular looks. We can see the flared rear wheel arches, the swollen front wheel arches, and its lowered ride height. Though, it might be a bit smoother and less aggressive than the current M2 Competition, as it could follow the 4 Series Coupe, in terms of design smoothness.

Up front, there’s too much camouflage to make out for sure but it seems that the new BMW M2 will have sensibly sized grilles. They’re be large for sure but its grille should be more proportionate.

Out back, it gets quad exhaust pipes and a subtle lip spoiler. It’s almost entirely covered in camouflaged, so it’s not exactly easy to make out its design, but it’s still interesting to see.

When the next-gen BMW M2 debuts, it will likely have a version of the BMW M3’s S58 engine but it will almost certainty be detuned to under 450 horsepower. Not only would BMW not want to overshadow the M3 with its M2, the shorter, smaller M2 might struggle for traction with any more power.

The new BMW M2 Competition has 405 horsepower even it’s a handful. Though, BMW did see to learn from that lesson with the M2 CS. So let’s hope more of than engineering and know-how makes it through to the next-gen standard M2.

[Photos: @joelre98]