It’s no secret that BMW is working on an electrified version of the next-generation 7 Series. While the next-gen 7er won’t go fully electric, as there will be internal combustion versions as well, there will be an all-electric variant, dubbed the BMW i7. When it finally debuts, the i7 should have Tesla-rivaling levels of range and performance.

According to this new report from Car Magazine, the upcoming BMW i7 will be based on the brand’s second-generation CLAR architecture, something we already knew. The CLAR 2, if you want to call it that, will provide the i7 with a blend of aluminum, high-strength steel and carbon fiber for its construction. While it’s a flexible architecture that will house internal combustion engines, it’s being developed from the ground up with pure EVs in mind.

In its belly, the BMW i7 is said to have a whopping 100 kWh battery pack, similar to that of the Tesla Model S 100-models. That massive battery pack is said to allow the i7 to go about 300 miles on a full charge, which is a bit less that what you’ll get from an equivalent Tesla but it’s close. Though, by the time the i7 debuts, brands like Tesla and Lucid could be far ahead of that 300 mile mark.

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Additionally, this report not only claims a power output but a very specific one. It’s said that the BMW i7 will make 536 bhp, which is a lot but still not as much as something like the Model S P100D. Though, it’s plenty for what 7 Series customers need and it will still be a very fast car.

Styling is being done by BMW’s Domagoj Dukec and it will likely feature a big grille not dissimilar to the BMW iX’s and upcoming i4’s. Speaking of i4, the BMW i7 won’t hit the market until around 2023 but certainly after both the i4 and i5 debut. So we won’t be seeing it for a few years.

[Source: Car Magazine]