The BMW X3 M is one of the very best vehicles to wear a blue and white Roundel, at the moment. It’s fast as all hell, looks fantastic and provides enough driving pleasure to make you genuinely not miss an M3. It’s a great car but it isn’t perfect. There are some areas it can improve and, hopefully, BMW does just that and improves the X3 M for this new LCI facelift, which was just caught testing at the ‘Ring. (We don’t own the photos but check ’em here)

In these new photos, we can see that the BMW X3 M, just like the standard X3, will be getting a slightly new face, one that’s more on-brand with modern BMWs, with the LCI update. Its grilles will be getting larger, though not 4 Series-large, and its headlights will get slightly sharper and will sit closer to the grilles than before. At the back, the taillights look similar to the current car’s but they could get a similar treatment to the new 5 Series LCI, where BMW just plays with the colors a bit.

Another interesting new addition is the M3-style wheels. The BMW X3 M seems to be getting the same new wheels seen on the new BMW M3 and M4 models, which feature an aggressive star-like pattern. They actually look quite good on the X3 M.

Inside, it’s likely that the BMW X3 M gets the same new digital gauges and shift lever as the newer M models get. Those are small upgrades but will make a difference for customers, who want the latest and greatest tech and style. It’s also likely to get an upgraded iDrive screen, keeping it more in line with newer Bimmers. Overall, though, the X3 M’s cabin doesn’t need much updating, as it’s already a great looking, comfortable interior.

The area we’re really hoping that BMW upgrades the X3 M is the suspension. Despite being a great car to drive, the BMW X3 M is just far too stiff. Even coming from someone who likes firm, hardcore sports cars, the X3 M is brutal; clack your jaw, break your teeth brutal. I’m pretty sure a few of my vertebrae fused together during my week with it over pockmarked New Jersey roads.

Admittedly, the X3 M is shockingly capable on track because of its suspension but no one is taking the X3 M to a track. The whole point of getting an X3 M over an M3 is to get something that’s more practical and usable everyday. So most enthusiasts would welcome some softening of the suspension, at the expense of some limit handling. Hopefully, this new BMW X3 M is a better compromise than the current one.

[Source: Motor Authority]