As enthusiasts, we all love a good project car. The idea of taking an old, beat up but fun-to-drive car with a ton of potential and turning it into something special is one that appeals to almost all car enthusiasts. Especially when the old, beat up car is cheap. In this new video from Car Throttle, we see the beginning of such a project with a £1,000 BMW Z3 Roadster.

The BMW Z3 Roadster is a great car for a project. In most parts of the world, the Z3 can be had for pretty cheap. In America, they’re not too cheap because we mostly had six-cylinder models on sale here. There was the 1.9L four-cylinder model as well. Europe, however, had all more engine options available, allowing more flexibility on the second hand market. So you can find the Z3 for cheap if you’re willing to do some work.

So Car Throttle decided to get a project BMW Z3 for one of their hosts, Ethan, who isn’t exactly car savvy. Thankfully for Ethan, the Z3 they decided to buy seemed to actually be in quite good shape, from first impressions. There was almost no rust and what rust there is seemed to be of little consequence. The engine pulled fine, its gearbox seemed to work well enough — even if its clutch was a bit worn — and it ran and drove without any major issues. Even the fabric convertible top looked to be in great shape, showing no signs of wear or any tears to speak of. Which is honestly a bit unusual for a fabric top of that era.

We’re actually interested to see what becomes of this BMW Z3 Roadster project because it could end up being quite cool. Or it could end up being a hilarious disaster, which is what Car Throttle is known for. We’re actually sort of hoping for the latter.