In the latest series of How To videos from BMW, you’ll get an insight on purchasing new features and functions from the ConnectedDrive Store and installing them straight away in your BMW vehicle. We previously spoke about the catered Remote Software Upgrade program which has been rolled off in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. The function of digital services on demand lets the customer choose the desired technical upgrade to be implemented on the car.

As many optional functions are already implemented on the standard car (yet, they are blocked if not chosen when the car is purchased), the remote software upgrade works as seamless as possible.

If you have previously purchased a new vehicle function as described in this video, next time you enter your car you can start the activation procedure. For it to be automatically performed, you must tick the “Perform activation now” from the “Activation of your function” menu.

You have to make sure that the keyfob stays inside the car and the vehicle is properly parked for 5 minutes, with the gear engaged in “P” position and parking brake applied. There must be no devices connected to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of the vehicle, the trailer ought to be uncoupled and the exterior lighting is switched off.

After these conditions have been, the activation will automatically start. During the update process, which will take about 5 minutes, you can leave and lock the car. The status of the upgrading process will be shown on the control display, with the new function installed being available straight away after the engine is turned on.

BMW Remote Software Upgrade - 1

In the latest How To video, BMW emphasizes on the steps to purchase and install the High Beam Assistant on the new 1 Series (F40). Toggling the high-beam light of the car will automatically deploy a message on the Control Display of the vehicle, reminding the driver that the High-Beam Assistant is not yet functional on the car.

To order the function, one must go to the ConnectedDrive Store, choose the High Beam Assistant option, fill in a matter of digital forms and ultimately pay by card to have the feature downloaded to the car (which has been previously linked by means of VIN to the ConnectedDrive account).

Afterwards, after the payment has been confirmed, the new feature will be readily available in your vehicle. You can start the upgrade process with the steps indicated above. After the 5-minute estimated installation time, the High-Beam Assistant will be available when you start the engine.

After the installation is completed, you’ll get the installation confirmation and a short description of the purchased function. When you toggle again the high-beam light, a message will be displayed stating that the High Beam Assistant is active, together with the specific icon that lits up in the digital instrument cluster.

The practical sequence of the purchase and installation of new functions via Remote Software Upgrade is emphasized in the following video, so let’s have a look.

Purchase procedure:

Installation procedure: