Over the past few years, BMW has made a number of controversial decisions — the move to all-wheel drive for M cars, a front-wheel drive 2 Series and a even ditching the dual-clutch transmission. Through all of those decisions, fans have stuck with BMW, even if they’ve been disappointed. However, nothing has aggravated the fanbase like the new grille design on the upcoming 4 Series. In some new spy photos, we see the 4 Series Convertible and its new grille design quite clearly. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

While the car in these photos is wearing some pretty heavy camouflage, we can still clearly see the exposed grille. The grille trim and surround are covered but the M Performance-style grille insert is completely visible. Because of that, we can see almost exactly what the new grille will look like.

Personally, I don’t love it and I have a feeling that many enthusiasts are going to voice their displeasure with it. Having said that, style is subjective and there may be a lot of fans and customers that do end up really liking it, especially if given time. After awhile, fans might come to appreciate it. If not, the rest of the car is sure to look good, so maybe they can overlook it.

Concept 4 Grille Looks Pretty Accurate Now

The car in these photos is a BMW M440i Convertible, based on the exhaust tips and grille insert. Admittedly, all new 4 Series models might get that grille insert, as it’s the only one we’ve seen on this new grille design, but the exhaust tips give it away. Being rectangular exhausts, they depict a six-cylinder engine under the hood. While that could technically also make it a BMW 440d, the sporty wheels and blue brake calipers suggest that the car in these photos is indeed a proper M Performance model.

Despite its polarizing new design, we’re very excited to see the next-gen 4 Series. Love it or hate it, it’s going to be a very interesting car and one that has a chance to be excellent to drive.

[Source: Motor1]