Rolls-Royce is working the first “Collection Car” of the new decade, dubbed Dawn Silver Bullet Collection. Only 50 units of the specially-tailored open-top Rolls-Royce will be assembled at Goodwood, to reach select clients worldwide.

As Rolls-Royce mentions in the official press release, the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is not an “ordinary” luxury cabriolet. It is a statement of prowess, a powerful demonstration of sheer automotive handcrafting and a clear signal of exuberance and supreme luxury the Rolls-Royce is so famous for.

Compared to the “standard” Dawn, the Silver Bullet Collection model has lost its rear seats to become a true two-seat roadster as to further emphasize its exclusivity. The car draws inspiration from the magnificent roadsters of the 1920s, which created a stir in their era due to their highly-praised status and scarcity.

The new Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is being tailored by the Rolls-Royce Collection Car division, with a limited production of up to 50 examples destined for the entire Globe. The title of this special edition Dawn is carefully chosen. The ultra-metallic Silver bespoke paint finish for the exterior gives the car an opulent image, highlights its sleek silhouette and makes it resemble a bullet in motion.

The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection model joins historic models, such as the Silver Dawn, Silver King, Silver Silence and Silver Spectre, in the gallery of silver-colored masterpiece the Rolls-Royce brand is so renowned for.

The centerpiece of the design is the new Aero Cowling, installed on the section where the rear seats were once positioned. Between the two cowls, a vapor blasted titanium piece bears the Silver Bullet inscription, carved with the help of a contrast printing machine.

The special exterior customization for the Dawn Silver Bullet comprises dark-sheen headlights, a dark finisher for the front bumper and polished alloy wheels with a translucent shadow finish and a single silver pinstripe. Inside, a host of modern materials, such as the open-pored carbon fascia and the quilted, leather-covered transmission tunnel, will invite customers to step in and experience an exhilarating trip.

Rolls-Royce will curate a series of ‘Silver Bullet Drives’, epic road-trips for owners of this contemporary collection, made available via Whispers, Rolls-Royce’s exclusive, digital home for Rolls-Royce clients around the world.