The BMW Concept i4, and its production version, is one Bimmer that I’m personally passionate about. I’ve been driving a BMW i3 for the last six years, and I love it. Mostly because it’s practical and fun to drive, and secondly, because it has a Range Extender option.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that any electric BMW excites me. And the BMW i4 is certainly one of them because it ticks a few boxes for me:

  • It’s better looking than the i3
  • It has significantly more range (600 km on WLTP)
  • Better driving dynamics and aerodynamic lines
  • More premium features

But unfortunately, the U.S. market will not get the BMW i4 until early 2022, so there is plenty of time to agonize over it. Certainly, picking the right color for the BMW i4 will also be at the top of my list. My i3 models were either white (boring), black (safe) and red(flashy).

With the BMW i4, I will be more inclined to go the adventurous or flashy route again, considering it’s such a polarizing vehicle. Thanks to that massive kidney grille.

So we asked Nahlem of g20.bimmerpost to give us permission to post some images of the BMW Concept i4 in different colors. His choices were Austin Yellow, Sapphire Black, Alpine White, a silver and another black. There is, of course, also the option of the frozen light copper color introduced on the concept i4.

Out of all the images posted here, I’m inclined at this time to pick the silver one. Mainly because its design lines are more accentuated by the silver paint, and you can see the car’s creases far better than on the other colors.

Without a doubt, the BMW i4’s color palette will be quite diverse, so we expect a combination of safe and flashy colors to be part of the offering. Maybe even a BMW Individual option.

But for now, let’s hear your pick.