BMW’s first ever electric SUV will arrive in some markets in 2020. Along with an all-electric drivetrain, the BMW iX3 will also bring a few novelties. The BMW Aerodynamic Wheel is one of them.  According to BMW, the Aerodynamic Wheels on the BMW iX3 blend lightweight construction and reduced air resistance with the sporting elegance of a V‑spoke aluminum wheel in a whole new way.

BMW also says this is the first time they’re using cast aluminum wheels with inserts consisting of a plastic carrier and an aluminum visible surface.

The new aero wheels feature reducing 5 percent less drag compared to a conventionally powered BMW X3. The new Aerodynamic Wheels are not only more efficient but also lighter than previous ones: Thanks to optimum airflow around the wheel arches, the wheels are 15 percent lighter than the aerodynamic wheels previously fitted by BMW.

Their benefits in terms of aerodynamics and weight have the overall effect of lowering power consumption for the BMW iX3 by another 2% in the European WLTP test cycle – equating to 0.4 kWh/100 km – and thereby extending the vehicle range by 10 kilometers.

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The Aerodynamic Wheels can be painted in different colors while the customer can also choose between matte or polished finish. All versions of the base wheel can be fitted with inserts whose appearance can vary in endless ways according to the sheen, polish and pattern specified.

This means that, for example color accents from the body design can be incorporated into the inserts’ styling. Furthermore, inserts can also be combined with different surface designs within a single wheel.

The new Aerodynamic Wheels will also be featured on the BMW iNext, which is going to be introduced in 2021.