Starting January 2020, BMW is adding the new Connected Music in-car streaming service as integral part of the Connected Package Professional. With the help of Connected Music, playing your favorite songs inside your BMW has never been easier. The new in-car music streaming solution has been developed on the basis of the BMW OS 7.0 infotainment system and it is already offered as standard equipment in the high-end Connected Package Professional.

It is important to note that this BMW Connected service will be available at no charge for 3 years ex-factory and for an unrestricted use. During this period of time, no additional data or roaming charges are applied for using Connected Music. For the beginning, the new streaming solution will be available in 14 European countries.

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What does Connected Music exactly? Well, it is a convenient way that lets you access your favorite music library from Deezer, Spotify or Napster directly into your OS 7.0-equipped Bimmer. You will simply have to login into your premium accounts on the previously mentioned music streaming services and the magic is done.

Your personal music library is instantly synchronized and fully accessible via the OS 7.0 infotainment system, with all the personalized settings and playlists readily available in the car.

As well, Connected Music is more convenient than using the smartphone, as it relies solely on the car’s embedded SIM card for the needed internet connection. So, no extra charges incurred for your smartphone internet subscription.

What’s more, another helpful feature of Connected Music is that the OS 7.0 infotainment system will automatically store a copy of the song in the car’s internal hard drive. In this way, you will not have to fear in the internet connection is scarce or absent, as you will still be able to play the songs offline.

Last, but not least, the Connected Music in-car streaming solution is also perfectly integrated in the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. You can tell the car to play a specific tune or request a specific artist album, by saying simply “Hey BMW, play the track Happy”, for example. As well, you can also instruct the digital assistant to play your favorite songs (“Play my favorites”) or cancel the shuffle function.

Connected Music is a very good news for easily taking your personal music up to your BMW. Hopefully, in the future, BMW will integrate more online streaming services into Connected Music, such as Apple Music, for example, a personal favorite of mine.