It’s no secret that most Americans are not fond of the car buying process. It’s not that Americans don’t love driving home in a spangly new set of wheels, it’s that most of us are put off by pushy car dealerships who, understandably, have to make their quota. We’ve all had our fair share of annoying sales pitches and overwhelming us with numbers and fees that just makes car buying stressful. However, it doesn’t always have to be so bad and, in fact, if you pick the right BMW dealership it can actually be quite enjoyable, especially if you get the right car. So here are our three top tips for picking the best BMW dealership for your next purchase.

A Clean Facility

This might sound a bit superficial but cleanliness and tidiness are important for car dealerships. You want to make sure that both in the showroom and in the service station the dealership is well maintained. Otherwise, how can you trust their cars to be well maintained?

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The service station is most important, in this regard. While you’re at the dealer, take a look at some of the service bays, the technicians and the work areas. Make sure they’re neat, organized and well run. It’s all about work ethics and that matters a lot in the car service industry. So make sure that they’re taking care of the cars that come through the service station, not just in the showroom.

Efficient and Accommodating Staff

Let’s face it, life is crazy. We all have jobs, families and all sorts of other obligations. So we can’t always carve out hours of our day to sit in a showroom and listen to endless pitches and sales tactics. When choosing a BMW dealership, make sure that the staff is friendly, understanding and accommodating. If you schedule a meeting with a sales person to look at a car and you have to wait a while when you arrive on time, without good reason, then maybe you should reconsider doing business with that person.

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It’s not just the sales team, either. Techs need to be understanding and expeditious. If your car goes in for service, you need to know that you’ll get it back in a reasonable time frame. Also, the staff needs to have enough loaner cars on hand so that you don’t have to miss a day or two of work because your car is being serviced.

In general, sales people, technicians and dealership staff should be understanding of their customers needs and schedules.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

We all know those car dealers, the ones that will sell you a story over and over again just to make a deal. The sort of car salesmen that will pretend they can’t find the keys to the car you’re looking to trade in so you have to wait in the showroom longer. Make sure the dealer you’re buying from isn’t like that. Make sure that they know what they’re talking about, will shoot you straight and will keep your best interest in mind. You want your BMW dealership to act in advisory role in addition to selling you a car; you want to know you’re being put in the best car for you, not just the one that’s going to meet the dealership’s monthly bonus quota.

Having a staff and sales team that’s both friendly and knowledgeable is by far and away the most important attribute to look for when choosing a BMW dealership. You want to know that the staff and salespeople are taking care of you.

Luckily, most of the BMW’s salesforce is courteous and honest, so that makes for a more pleasant interaction.

Keep Looking If You Have To

There are a great many dealerships like that, dealers that genuinely care about their customers and want to get them in the right cars. So if you’ve had a rough experience buying cars as of late, just keep checking out new dealerships, read reviews online and try and get recommendations from friends or family. Good BMW dealerships are out there and it’s worth the search to find them.

So just take these three things into account when shopping for your next car because the dealer you choose is almost as important as the actual car you choose.