BMW has unveiled today in Las Vegas the BMW i3 Urban Suite. The new i3 concept made its debut at the CES 2020 inviting visitors to take a ride in a forward-thinking from of transportation. 20 standard BMW i3 cars were converted into Urban Suites in Munich then brought to Las Vegas.

Anyone wishing to be chauffeur-driven to their desired destination can use a special app to order one of the BMW i3 Urban Suites. The interior of the i3 Urban Suite was turned into an experience for the passenger, rather than just restyle it.

In order to optimize the mobility experience for the passenger, the entire cabin – with the exception of the driver’s workstation – has been completely remodeled so that it now resembles the inside of a boutique hotel. Leather has been largely dispensed with in favor of fabrics and wood instead.

There is no rear bench seat in the BMW i3 Urban Suite and no front passenger seat. Instead, the BMW i3 Urban Suite features a lounge chair with a foot rest next to the driver.

The i3 Urban Suite is adorned with wood and olive-tanned leather, and the cabin’s fabrics are made from recycled materials. This includes the floor mats which can be recycled over and over again.

To ensure passengers can relax in exceptional comfort during a journey, stowage space is likewise in ample supply on board the BMW i3 Urban Suite. Features include a clothes hanger for jackets, blazers and coats, a storage tray between the driver’s seat and wooden table – which is large enough for a bag or laptop – and a pair of thermoelectric cup holders in the centre console that can warm drinks up or cool them down.

Once inside the BMW i3 Urban Suite, the passenger can connect their iPhone to the car wirelessly and also mirroring their mobile device’s content to the flip-down overhead screen and then work on the screen. A screen flips down from the headliner so passengers can now watch their favorite shows and movies via Amazon Fire TV. The on-demand access to vast content catalogs and voice control can be initiated through Amazon’s Alexa.

There are 110-volt charging sockets located at various points inside the i3 Urban Suite to ensure a sufficient power supply for all of the passengers’ devices.

For now, this is just a tech showcase, but it’s easy to see a similar approach in future autonomous driving BMWs.