One of the biggest discussions surrounding the impact EVs will have on the planet concerns the source of the electricity used to power them up. The main goals, if we’re to try and cut emissions by as much as possible, should be to feed EVs with clean energy all the time. That’s not possible at the moment but big strides are made in the right direction every day. The people from BMW and E.ON just announced a new collaboration, aimed at reducing the CO2 footprint of EVs even more.

BMW ordered 4,100 new charging points from E.ON, for their employees and guests. The charging points will be spread across Germany, at BMW’s production plants, development centers and office locations. While that tidbit makes it sound like only BMW employees will get to use them, the Germans say more than half of these will be available to the public. The biggest news though is that all of these new ports will be delivering 100 percent green electricity.

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“E.ON and BMW assume a high degree of responsibility for the future of energy and mobility in their respective industries. Our cooperation is proof that the market for tomorrow’s mobility is gaining strength. E.ON will now do everything in its power to offer BMW employees and guests a comfortable charging experience,” says E.ON board member Karsten Wildberger.

A large proportion of the charging points will be installed in the greater Munich area. Further locations include Berlin, Leipzig, Regensburg, Landshut, Wackersdorf and Dingolfing.

The first charging points can already be used in December and project completion is expected by 2021. In addition, drivers of BMW Group company cars in Germany will also be able to charge their electric vehicles at home. E.ON has developed a product that offers delivery, assembly and operation of high-quality charging stations in a garage or other private parking spaces from a single source. These home charging stations can also be set up to deliver 100 percent green energy, for a price, of course.