Some new spy photos have recently surfaced, showing off some sort of electrified BMW X2 playing in the snow (we don’t own the photos but you can see them here). The photos have sparked a bit of discussion, as fans are curious about what sort of X2 it actually is. Thankfully, we’re here to sort it out and give you a concrete answer.

In these photos, we see a BMW X2 with a bit of camouflage and some unique details. For starters, there’s a charge port door visible on the front fender. More than that, though, there are little stickers on the car that read “Electric Test Vehicle”. The latter is a bit of a deviation from the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers we’ve seen on previous electrified BMW test mules. That led a lot of enthusiasts to believe BMW was testing a fully-electric X2. Unfortunately for anyone that may have been excited by that idea, that’s not the case.

BMW X2 M35i Misano Blue 58 830x554

According to our sources, there are no plans for a fully BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) BMW X2 at this time. The car seen in these spy photos is a plug-in hybrid X2, likely an xDrive25e model. While the actual naming and spec might be subject to change, its plug-in hybrid nature is certain. We also know that the BMW X2 PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will debut sometime late 2020, likely Q3 or Q4.

So for anyone excited about the idea of a pure BEV BMW X2, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. To be honest, I was actually hoping it was an electric X2 myself, as the Bavarians just need more purely electric cars in the lineup. Sadly, it’s just a hybrid. Still, that’s a step in the right direction and it should be a car that makes sense for urban city-goers. We’ll find out next year.

[Photo Source: Motor1]