When the BMW Concept 4 first made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it received, let’s say, mixed reactions. Most of the car looks great and is almost undeniably cool. Its proportions are near-perfect, its lines are sharp and its curves are pretty. But then you look at its face and it starts to fall apart.

BMW has been on a massive grille kick for awhile but the set of Kidneys on the front of the Concept 4 are about the most shocking we’ve ever seen. However, what if they were even larger?

This new render shows what the BMW Concept 4 would look like if its grilles were even bigger and it’s hilarious (We don’t own the render so see it here). They’re so wide that the actually extend underneath the headlights. What’s funny about this render is that it sort of gives the Concept 4 an Audi Singleframe Grille-like design, just one that’s bisected in the middle. While such a design looks good on most Audis, it was shocking when they first arrived with it. Now, modern Audis look great. So maybe this render is onto something. Or maybe not and this is ugly.

Admittedly, BMW’s Kidney Grilles have been growing and changing for decades, so there’s no real recipe that the Bavarians need to follow when it comes to grille size. So there’s technically nothing wrong with the Concept 4 having such comically large grilles. However, BMWs were always sort of simple, understated cars. Even its flashiest machines; whether it be the 507, M1 or Z8; were all quite subtle, understated and handsome. So seeing such a brash grille on a BMW is a bit jarring.

Though, get used to it, folks, as this is the direction BMW is taking. The grille design for the BMW Concept 4 will make its way to the production 4 Series (even if it’s a bit tamed down on the real car) and even the upcoming G80 M3. So whether we like it or not, expect BMW grilles to get larger by the year.

[Source: Motor1]