A new filing from the NHTSA claims BMW will have to recall over 40,000 1 Series models sold in the US in order to make sure they don’t pose a fire hazard. According to the regulatory body, the recall should cover 41,918 1 Series models built between 2008 and 2012. Apparently, there’s an issue with the blower-regulator wiring harness that may have connectors at the end of the harness covered in tin rather than silver.

If that’s the case, corrosion might occur and that could lead to issues with the connector. In turn, this chain of events leads to a faulty behaviour from the car’s fan speeds and air conditioning. That’s not the worst part though. Apparently, if the wiring corrodes, high electrical currents could increase the temperature in that particular spot that would lead to damage being done to the wiring. This could lead to a potential fire hazard.

Drivers should take notice if the heating and air conditioning systems suddenly stop working, in addition to being aware of the obvious symptoms of odors of burning plastic and seeing smoke inside the vehicles.

In May 2019, the automaker learned of the first field report involving interior damage to a 2011 BMW 135i convertible.

BMW says it hasn’t received any reports of crashes or injuries, but the company didn’t say how many fire reports have been received due to the regulators.

BMW says less than 1 percent of all cars could have such issues but just to be safe, they decided to replace all of them. Thus, 22,188 128i and 135i Coupe models will be recalled alongside 19,793 128i and 135i Convertibles. Owners will be notified and asked to come in, to have the part changed out, free of charge. If any other component has been damaged by this faulty connector, it will also be changed out, free of charge.

If you had issues with the blower motor regulator before and had it changed, you might be able to get your money back from BMW according to their reimbursement program.