Tom Plucinsky is the Head of Product Communications at BMW of North America, with a career that spans over 30 years. Tom is not only one of the most passionate people about the BMW brand, but also a highly regarded spokesperson in the automotive industry. Over the years, Tom has been a huge supporter of the BMW community, including the, and the first, along with former BMW M Manager Matt Russell, to support our new media company. We interact with Mr. Plucinsky many times throughout the course of a year and he’s a walking BMW Wikipedia, so you can imagine the amount of knowledge one would gather from him.

Photo: Jim Perry – DrivesTV

It’s exactly the same experience that the Enthusiast Auto Group has had recently. The EAG folks hosted Tom at a private museum of an esteemed BMW collector in Cincinnati and shared some of his best memories and experiences over his 30-year career at BMW of North America. Tom is the only person at BMW signed off to drive all of BMW’s historic race cars. He’s also an excellent driver, so it’s always fun to hear his thoughts on the driving dynamics of the brand – newer or older products.

Furthermore, there was also an interesting ad-hoc Q&A session which revolved around future products, racing, development processes, manual transmissions, and much more.

It’s an interesting video and we encourage you to spend the time watching it.