After the BMW M2 Competition made its highly-anticipated debut, much of the ever-insatiable fanbase was immediately wondering about a more extreme model. That more extreme model is going to be the BMW M2 CS and it’s just been caught out in the wild yet again. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we see a very un-camouflaged test mule of the BMW M2 CS doing a bit of a refuel. At the front, we see the new car’s lower front lip, which is heavily covered in camouflage and seems to stick out much further than on the M2 Comp. While that’s really the only change at the front, it does make the M2 Comp’s already angry face even angrier. Which is a good thing.

Out back, the BMW M2 CS gets a new rear decklid spoiler, which is also covered in camo here. It’s quite large, actually, and reminds us of the one found on the E46 M3 CSL. Below that new spoiler, a new diffuser sits in between its exhaust pipes and makes the back end look very sporty.

That’s about all we can tell on the outside, though. We don’t expect many visual changes for the BMW M2 CS. Instead, we expect it to be significantly lighter than the M2 Comp, more powerful and more exciting to drive. It will also be stiffer and more extreme, similar to the aforementioned CSL, though maybe not quite that extreme.

It’s said that the M2 CS will use the same engine as the M2 Comp, just tuned to make 445 hp and with be available with either a six-speed manual or DCT automatic gearbox. That last bit is nice to hear, considering the old-school CSL was only available with the SMG automatic of the time.

The BMW M2 Competition is a great looking car and looks punchier and angrier than ever before. So the fact that this ‘CS’ version looks even angrier than that is a good thing. Hopefully, its bite matches its bark.

[Source: Motor1]