The next Rolls-Royce Ghost is not a ghost anymore, pun intended. The second generation of the extremely popular Rolls luxury car is currently being tested around the world before its introduction in 2020. Currently, the Rolls Royce Ghost sits on BMW’s old 7 Series platform, while both the Phantom and Cullinan are on an all-new, aluminum-intensive, bespoke Rolls Royce platform, so we expect the same custom platform to be used in the new Ghost.

But that’s not the only major change expected in the new Ghost. Electro-mobility is the story here. According to sources, Rolls-Royce is readying their first production series electric vehicle – they have already shown a concept a few years ago. The second generation Ghost is rumored to get an electric drivetrain, along with the conventional gasoline engine.

No details are known at the moment, but the electrification of the brand comes as no surprise considering the Rolls-Royce CEO has hinted at that possibility in the last few months.

“Let’s put it this way, Rolls-Royce will produce its first full EV in the next decade, which isn’t all that far away. We are working on it, but there’s still plenty to do when it comes to charging infrastructure both at home and in the public domain before we have a workable solution for our customers,” Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos said to media.

Now back onto the Ghost topic. Judging by recent spy shots, the new Ghost looks to be getting a significant exterior upgrade. At the front, it gets new headlights that are now more similar to the new Phantom’s, as well as a new grille. The new grille on the Phantom is massive and upright and imposing. This new Ghost’s, though, is wider and less in-your-face. You can tell Rolls Royce treats the Ghost as its “Baby Rolls”.

It’s also smoother, the new Rolls Royce Ghost. Its hood is lower, as is its roofline which is also more sharply raked and the way the C-pillar sweeps down into the trunk is smoother. It looks more athletic than the current Ghost and that’s encouraging.

That’s all the new for now, but expect to learn more about Rolls’ electric plans as the year advances.