Well, it’s official: the BMW 3 Series deliveries are kicking off as we speak. To celebrate that milestone, BMW has launched the official TV commercial to be run on US networks. And there are a few differences compared to previous BMW 3 Series commercials.

Whereas older ads for a new 3 Series focused more on the driving feel of the car, this time, the commercial seems to focus less on that and more on the technology the new car brings to the table. Understandably so, if you look at the areas where BMW is investing most these days. After all, the German car maker is now calling itself a ‘technology company’ to keep in line with current trends.

The first tech bit shown to us is the new system that allows you to unlock your car using your phone. To properly frame the progress in technology and showcase innovation, the ad positions the car right across from some old payphones, suggesting the new 3 Series is the future compared to the rest of the cars in the business. Then we’re shown the Reversing Assistant as the car finds itself in a blocked alley, having to carefully back up, yet another premiere for the 3er.

As a finishing touch, the BMW Personal Assistant also makes an appearance, helping the driver find a parking spot in the vicinity. The ad is all pretty much focused on tech and it looks like BMW settled on that to be its main seller. Whether it will be successful or not remains to be seen but the expectations are high for this new 3 Series.