According to a report by Autocar, BMW and Daimler are set to announce their joint urban mobility venture this week, after being granted approval by the European Union in January. As announced before, the joint venture will be called Jurbey, replacing the companies’ current Car2Go and DriveNow short-term rental services.

The European Commission gave the green light for this merger back in November 2018 and the companies are now working on integrating both sides into one single app. BMW and Daimler will put together their DriveNow, Car2Go, Clever taxi, ParkNow, ChargeNow and ReachNow divisions among others, to create one comprehensive collection of mobility services. The resulting effort will be headquartered in Berlin, a ‘neutral’ location avoiding the obvious Munich and Stuttgart headquarters of the two German giants.

The new office will apparently have enough space for about 500 employees and is currently being prepared for its new purpose.

The app platforms from both brands will be combined, but what the app will actually look like, and how new integration will work, is still unknown at this time.

The new service is expected to formally launch on February 22 in Europe.