When the LCI of the BMW 7 Series first debuted, it was immediately met with a bit of criticism. I say a bit but it was actually a lot of criticism. Mainly for one thing, though, as the car overall is actually more handsome than before. Now, the 7 Series LCI features Kidney Grilles the size of Rhode Island. Each. And a lot of enthusiasts are a bit upset about it. So a new render has just been released, “fixing” the size of the grilles.

In this new render from Reddit user Agaran24, the artist changes the grille design just a bit. They’re still as wide as the real car’s but they’re not nearly as tall, so they don’t eat into the hood as much or into lower front bumper. To me, the new render looks much better than before, even though I’ve gone on record in saying that the new 7er’s face looks better than the pre-LCI. Still, I’d prefer this render.


Mostly because, to me, it sort of looks like the face of the E38 7 Series, as if it were a natural evolution of that great classic. The E38 had Kidney Grilles that were wide and similar in height to its headlights. So while they weren’t physically connected, they sort of seemed as if they were part of one uniform design cue across the face of the car. While this render isn’t exactly that uniform, it’s obviously far closer to the E38 than the real-life car is. And I think we can all say that the E38 was the best looking 7er.

Again, I actually don’t mind the face of the new 7 Series, as I think it adds some much need visual drama to an otherwise bland looking car. However, if I had the choice, I’d have BMW make it look more like this render than it actually does.

[Source: Reddit]