So far, we’ve seen the new F90 BMW M5 and the M5 Competition. The latter is a slighter more powerful, slightly more dynamic version of the former and they’re both absolute performance monsters. However, there may be another model coming soon, something even more hardcore, even more of a monster, and it’s possibly been caught testing — the BMW M5 CS. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here).

BMW M5 Competition Interior

Spotted on the Nurburgring, this BMW M5 test mule lacks any sort of camouflage but it does have some added rear wing and a seemingly lowered suspension. So we’re not sure what this car is, exactly, but it’s suspected to be a BMW M5 CS, due to its M3/M4 CS-like rear wing and lower ride height. Plus, both the standard M5 and M5 Competition have been released already, so it’s not as if BMW needs to continue testing either of them.

What will the BMW M5 CS be? Well, if it is indeed an M5 CS, that will likely mean that it gets a hefty diet, a bit more power and some better handling and performance. BMW’s ‘CS’ cars are designed to be lightweight but not brutally so. So it should come with a bunch of Alcantara inside, maybe even some lightweight seats and maybe even fabric door pulls just for a laugh but don’t expect it to have a roll cage or lack of creature comforts. It’s still going to be an M5 and will likely still be very luxurious.

As for power, we’re not sure it will get any extra ponies over the BMW M5 Competition, which already boasts a mighty 617 hp. The lighter weight and sharper handling are likely what this new M5 are going to be about.

The new BMW M5 is the best overall car I’ve personally driven in a very long time. In fact, it’s in my top three favorite cars I’ve ever driven. So the idea of a lighter, sharper and more thrilling one is making me tingle in places I’m slightly embarrassed about.

[Source: Motor1]