Everyone seems to want a piece of the new F90 M5. Whether that piece should come in the shape of a drag race or a full-on track challenge depends on who is asking but so far, the M5 was tested rather thoroughly on the drag strip. The fascination with this particular topic is understandable as the new M5 now comes with all-wheel drive and everyone wants to see how it works, since no other M5 was ever offered with the power going to all four corners of the car.

That said, this event in the Netherlands seems to offer enthusiasts just what they came for. They had a BMW F90 M5 on the track, for drag racing purposes. In the video you can see it take on a number of challengers, the one that posed the biggest threat being a rather surprising car: a BMW M135i. That’s because the hot hatch came with xDrive, first of all, and because it was tuned by the guys from Sneaky Tuning. Apparently, the little hatch now makes in excess of 500 HP and some 740 Nm of torque.

Compared to the stock figures which would’ve been close to 320 HP (depending on the model year, we’re not sure what version this is) that’s quite an increase in potency. Furthermore, since it’s all-wheel drive and considerably lighter than the M5, the little M135i might just compensate for the 100 HP difference. The hatch also proves to be quite fast in comparison with other BMWs here, judging by the footage.

We can also notice a ‘road legal’ BMW M6 GT3 which almost looks the part but doesn’t deliver the performance we expected. Maybe it’s the driver’s fault in this case, we can’t be sure. We can also see an interesting race between a BMW X3 M40i and an older BMW E71 X6 M50d. It’s a good-old fashioned diesel versus petrol debate, the X3 winning it but not by as much as you may think. Overall, it’s an interesting video for BMW aficionados.