It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the BMW M5. In fact, it was our highest rated car ever, here at BMWBLOG. I’ve personally never driven something with such brilliant duality; the ability to deliver brutal, violent forward thrust while also being as comfortable as a normal, luxurious 5 Series. Its breadth of ability is astonishing. However, the Bavarians have come up with something a bit more focused, a bit more hardcore — the BMW M5 Competition.

Our own Horatiu was in Spain to test the new BMW M5 Competition, along with the M2 Competition, at the incredibly difficult Ascari circuit. While there, he was able to give it a quick 0-100 km/h acceleration test. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any timing tech with us, so we couldn’t get an exact time. Though, you can watch the video and sort of time it for yourself. Spoiler Alert: It’s fast.

Now, the video is very short but that’s because Ascari doesn’t really have a long straight and the M5 Competition devours runway very quickly, so Horatiu ran out of road in a blink. Still, it’s cool to see.

The interesting thing about the BMW M5, Competition or otherwise, is that it has all-wheel drive. That allows it to launch with a brutality that a rear-wheel drive car simply cannot match. However, it needs to be launched properly and that can be tricky to do. It takes a few tries to get right and, unfortunately, Horatiu wasn’t afford any subsequent attempts. Plus, car companies don’t like letting you launch cars as hard as they possibly can be, as they’re worried you might end up in a concrete barrier and some expensive litigation.

We can’t wait until we can test the BMW M5 Competition even further, more in-depth, so we can see how it really performs.