We were fortunate enough to have been invited out to Palm Springs, California by BMW, so we could sample many of its new cars on the track at the famous Thermal Club. BMW has its M Performance Driving School West there and it’s a beautiful facility, it truly is, so if you ever have the chance to check it out, do so. Anyway, on to the drive. One of the cars we were able to sample on track was the monstrous and all-new F90-generation BMW M5 and we were able to get some video of it.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we had to sample several cars in just a few hours, we didn’t get much road time with the M5 in Palm Springs, so we weren’t able to get any video of that. However, I was able to capture some of my time with the M5 on track. Though, I’m not very good at talking while tracking a car, especially when I have to actually pay attention and keep up with an instructor whose job it was to get us to go as fast as we could. If I slowed down to chat with the camera, I’d be slowing the drivers behind me, as there was no overtaking.

So the video we have for you is just of the car driving on track with some voiceover and I do apologize for that. When we can get the BMW M5 in for a proper test, we’ll certainly have more video for you. Until then, though, here are my first impressions of the F90 M5 on track. And you can always read our written review of what it was like to track the M5 as well.

In the video, you do get to see how quickly it changes direction and how fast it accelerates out of corners. You also get to hear the sound of its V8 from inside the cabin. So there are some things you can learn about the new M5 from this video, even if it is quite brief. But stay tuned for more, as we’ll have the M5 on test soon.