The BMW F90 M5 Competition Package is coming and the car is all but confirmed right now, and it’s only a matter of time until we get to see it. Some details have been leaked last week pointing to a power and torque increase. The new 2019 BMW M5 Competition Package is rumored to deliver 616 horsepower, which would put it above the Mercedes-AMG E63 S rival from Stuttgart, which comes with 612 HP by comparison.

The car will apparently ride lower than the standard one by 7 mm in the front and 10mm in the back, and will have a few carefully thought out changes done to the suspension for better driving dynamics.

BMW will fit the M5 Competition Package with an M Sports Exhaust system which will offer a better aural experience while Carbon Ceramic Brakes will most likely be a standalone option.

The production of the M5 with the new package is scheduled to begin in July with first US deliveries available in August. The pricing for the package will be announced in the upcoming weeks.