How would you describe your BMW passion and enthusiasm? Is it rooted in motorsports? Do you simply like the newer models as fine daily drivers? Are you performance oriented and will always stare at a dashboard M badge as long as you drive? Do you like car meets where you get to see many types of BMWs and meet people who share your passion?  Are you restoring a BMW—or have one that might be a good candidate for that? Is a weekend not a weekend unless you’re at an Autocross or hitting some open roads for a good drive? Or are you just good at math and like discounts and rebates off BMWs and automotive-related products and services?

Ask ten members of the nearly 70,000 members of the BMW CCA why they joined and you might get ten different answers. You’ll also hear things like, “Just bought my first BMW and immediately joined the BMW CCA. The enthusiasm and passion that the owners and enthusiasts demonstrate is absolutely extraordinary!” from a Boston Chapter member. Or you might hear, “I’m very grateful to know that CCA exists for those who have true love for our cars and the BMW culture…being kind of a family of people who share the same passion” from an Everglades Chapter member.

Or as many feel, “I’ve seen BMW CCA around and at events over the years. I’m a huge enthusiast; I just needed to sign up finally!” from a Los Angeles Chapter member. And who wants a discount on your next new or CPO BMW like you read all about in BMW Blog? A Golden Gate Chapter member did the math. “The rebate potential creates a big incentive to be a part of the BMW CCA; it’s a benefit acquired at minimal or negligible cost. Just $48 a year to get a rebate back of up to $1500? I could be a member for 10 years and still come out on top even before all the other good stuff!”

The BMW Car Club of America is now in its 49th year…one younger than the fabled 2002 model currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. And like the 02, the BMW CCA is a staple in the BMW community. At BMW CCA national and regional events like Legends of the Autobahn, BMW Festorics at Laguna Seca, the annual O’Fest multi-day gathering, and corrals at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Daytona, The Vintage and more, there are countless times and places to run across your favorite 02, F80, E30, E38, F10 or anything in between.

Your degree of involvement in the BMW CCA will be up to you, but benefits from membership will be all around you. Peachtree Chapter member added, “The BMW CCA membership pays for itself and more! No kidding…the magazine alone, but then the events, car meets, the rebate program and discounts, it goes on and on! But the people and members are the best part!”

Another Golden Gate Chapter member echoed those sentiments. “What a great club! I personally think the magazine is worth the membership alone. Four bucks a month is nothing especially with the magazine! Plus all the other stuff? No brainer.”

And a Kansas City Chapter member summed it up best. “I love meeting all the BMW owners from around the country. So many friends that we’ve made through BMW CCA that we never would have met otherwise!”

Examples of the discounts offered:

  • $250-$1,500 rebate on a new or CPO BMW (after 1 year without a lapse)
  • 15% off BMW Performance Driving School Programs (save hundreds of dollars off One- and Two-Day M Schools and Performance Center merchandise!)
  • 15% off and free shipping from KW Suspension
  • 20% off most items ordered on
  • 15% off liquid car care products from Griot’s Garage
  • And much, much more!

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