At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, MINI Classic is celebrating an exciting comeback: The MINI Remastered by David Brown Automotive combines the dimensions and look of the small car icon once created by Sir Alec Issigonis with modern technology, and shows that the classic hasn’t lost its charm. Above all, the infotainment receives a comprehensive update from David Brown and is brought to a modern state.

At first glance, it’s the dimensions that make Mini Remastered so special. It’s about 3 meters long, less than 1.5 meters wide and only 1.33 meters high – numbers that are clearly outshone by any current MINI. The fact that the 740-kilogram lightweight Mini can offer neither the space nor the safety of modern small cars, its fans will still fall in love with the unique design and British spirit.

The interior is characterized by a special mix of modern elements with a classic design. As in modern small cars, the Mini Remastered by David Brown features a start button for the engine and ignition, a 7-inch infotainment display in the center of the dashboard and air conditioning. Smartphone content can be shown on the display via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a navigation system is also on board.

Also amenities like a central locking system could be integrated into the classic. Other obvious things of our time, such as airbags for driver and front passenger, are included as well.

Anyone who has fallen in love with the Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive needs to exercise some patience since the vehicles are built with lots of manual work according to customer requirements. The cost, depending on the extent of special requests, is at least 75,000 British pounds.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]