In early 2019, BMW plans to introduce the third generation and first front-wheel drive based 1 Series hatchback. Sources say BMW believes that the front-wheel drive BMW F40 1 Series will be much more attractive for many customers of the compact class: the transversely mounted engine provides more space in the interior, in particular the rear, so both the passengers and trunk will benefit from this. On top of that, some customers consider the front drive to be more manageable and safer, especially in winter.

A recent 1 Series hatchback prototype was spotted in Northern Europe during the annual and typical snow and cold weather testing.

The new F40 1 Series will grow slightly in size, in addition to modifying some of its basic geometries by the new position of the engine and axles. At a glance, the new 1er will have dimensions very similar to those of other models in the segment, such as the Volkswagen Golf.

BMW will give the five door hatch a front-wheel drive platform paired with three and four-cylinder engines. Models like the 116i, 118i, 120i, 116d, 118d and 120d will appear in the lineup, including a BMW 135ix which will likely replace the current rear-wheel drive M140i.

Here is the video: