BMW M760Li xDrive is RobbReport’s 7th best Car of the Year

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One of the more fascinating cars in BMW’s lineup is the M760Li xDrive. It’s the very first performance variant of the BMW 7 Series, a …

One of the more fascinating cars in BMW’s lineup is the M760Li xDrive. It’s the very first performance variant of the BMW 7 Series, a car that’s never received a proper M variant. So the BMW M760Li is the closest thing we’ve ever had to an M7. It’s also one of the most exciting cars BMW currently makes, as it packs a monster V12 and blistering performance, while also being able to coddle passengers in supreme luxury. It’s a truly incredible machine.

In RobbReport’s Car of the Year competition, the BMW M760Li came in at number 7, beating out the Mercedes-AMG S65 which came in at number 9. The RobbReport judges seem to have really liked the M760Li for its astonishing levels of speed combined with its luxury and technology. According to RobbReport’s Nick Nikolov, the BMW M760Li packs “sports-car performance in a luxury sedan that is unmatched”. And their own David Mosteller said, “The performance and stability, together with the comfort and safety, make it an amazing drive.” Though some felt it was too soft and not sharp enough.

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Some were also a bit disappointed with its dated looking interior, which is a common complaint. As high-quality and high-tech as it is, the M760Li’s interior is a bit lacking in terms of style, compared to its competitors. Still, it’s a tremendously impressive car and one that beat out several excellent cars in this competition, such as the aforementioned S65, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Lexus LC500.

Admittedly, if you want something that’s brutally fast, incredibly luxurious, capable through twisty back roads and high-tech, there may not be a better car. The Mercedes AMG S65 isn’t as dynamic, the Jaguar XJR575 isn’t as luxurious and something like the Bentley Flying Spur is far too expensive. The only car we’d recommend over the M760Li in this class is the ALPINA B7 but that’s a very similar car anyway.

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3 responses to “BMW M760Li xDrive is RobbReport’s 7th best Car of the Year”

  1. Efoza says:

    I really hope that the forthcoming facelift will be significant to help our beloved 7 series. The current 7 is already looking so dated, bland and boring despite having only been out for less than 3 years.

    BMW needs to wake up and invest properly in its design for its luxury range of cars such as the 7; and not just to think it can get away with a few tech gimmicks on 4 wheels.

    • Marcel Lukačić-Marca says:

      It doesn’t look dated, it just doesn’t have that style like the S-Class has. In terms of exterior, I think 7 series looks just as good, maybe not even better than the S-Class. But in terms of interior, things are different. I prefer Mercedes’s interior, it’s just so simple and beautiful, altough it’s a shame that on the dash is fake leather. 7 series interior looks just like any other BMW, but still pretty good. Quality is better in BMW, as I said that S-Class has fake leather. But, I hope facelift will refresh 7 series.

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