Before the 3 Series, the BMW 2002 was the sport saloon. It was the car that made the segment popular. There’s some debate as to whether or not it or the Alfa Romeo Giulia of the era actually invented the segment. However, it was the 2002 that brought the segment to the mainstream and the success of the BMW 3 Series is owed to the little 2002. Thanks to its brilliant driving dynamics, pure steering feel and quirky good looks, the BMW 2002 has become incredibly popular as of late, with enthusiasts willing to spend quite a bit of money on good looking examples. This specific 1972 BMW 2002 is one that is likely going to get some attention.

Currently for sale on Bring-A-Trailer, this ’72 2002 looks great and enthusiasts are going to want it. It’s not a perfect example, nor is it all original. It’s been repainted, fixed and even slightly modified but all in a tasteful way. The paint is the correct shade of orange and the interior has been refreshed with parts from BMW Classic, such as the door panels, carpets and Recaro seats with houndstooth inserts. It also gets an aftermarket steering wheel that looks great.

Under the hood, the four-cylinder M10 engine has been slightly updated as well. So it now sports the intake manifold from a 2002tii and a Weber carburetor upgrade. It also has a new fuel pump and distributor, so it makes slightly more power than before. Still, it only made 101 hp when it was new, so don’t expect this specific car to be fast. Although, it does have a five-speed manual transmission swap. It doesn’t say where the five-speed came from but most people use the one from the E21 3 Series.

At the time of writing this, the BMW 2002 is bidding at $2,002, ironically. Though, there are still seven days left on the bid, so expect the price to go up quite a bit.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer