2019 BMW 1 Series spied on the Nurburgring

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BMW’s future entry-level front-wheel drive model has been caught out during testing at the Nurburgring. A few years back, BMW decided it’s time to drop …

BMW’s future entry-level front-wheel drive model has been caught out during testing at the Nurburgring. A few years back, BMW decided it’s time to drop the crowd-favorite RWD layout and give in to the demands of those looking for more practicality. Therefore, the upcoming 1er will be built atop the UKL platform.

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The BMW F40 1 Series will be much more attractive for many customers of the compact class: the transversely mounted engine provides more space in the interior, in particular the rear, so both the passengers and trunk will benefit from this. On top of that, some customers consider the front drive to be more manageable and safer, especially in winter.

In the technical section we will find a renewed range of diesel and gasoline engines, counting even some M-tuned models. Although the new engine arrangement suggests that we will likely never see the six-cylinder inline engines, like the one that animates the M140i version of the current model, which features a 3.0-liter block and 340 hp.

BMW will debut the F40 1 Series in 2019.

11 responses to “2019 BMW 1 Series spied on the Nurburgring”

  1. bmw driver says:

    Dynamics aside, I don’t think that this will necessarily be a straight up comparison between this FWD thing and a Golf for example. Looking at the dropped rear roof line and the smaller hatch and rear window, this new 1 series will almost certainly have less cargo room than the Golf. This suggests less space from the front seats back in the BMW.

    From the handling front, when a new manufacturer turns up and tries to dethrone RWD BMWs in a single generation, everyone laughs. Now, far too many people on here assume BMW will be able to just turn up and beat the GTI Clubsport, Leon Cupra and Megane RS, despite the fact that these cars have had decades of engineering and are all already much faster around the ‘Ring than the fastest current RWD 1 series. The Megane in particular is going to have rear wheel steering. Considering the price of the FWD 1 series will be very close to the premium price of the current 1 series, I’m struggling to see how it will compete. It won’t be the most practical, it won’t be the cheapest and at the price, it won’t be the best dynamically. It will almost certainly have the best infotainment system, but will that be enough?

    The 2-series AT, as much as I hate it, has a clear niche. It’s vastly superior to the dreadful B-class and is only slightly more expensive while being more practical, having a better interior and being better to drive. The FWD 1 series has pretty much no advantages over its competitors, so how will it win sales? I certainly won’t buy one, would anyone here? If I wanted front biased AWD practicality, I’d go for a Golf R wagon with every option including the Akra exhaust, or an RS3 if I wanted a smaller, more performance oriented front biased AWD hatch with similar practicality, because 5cyl turbo.

    • disqus_oTgsUKhdql says:

      BMW have been doing fwd. with MINI for over a decade, awd. since the ’80’s. We haven’t had a small BMW here in North America for decades, they’ll sell every one they bring here. Most of the models you mention aren’t even sold here, 4 cyl. M-B & VAG are homely, dull. Car and Driver already claim UKL X1 best in class.

  2. Arunabh says:

    Does this one need to make runs in N-ring ?

  3. Meric Ozbay says:

    Unfortunately, the all new BMW 1-Series will be a disappointment for RWD users, BMW fans. Beyond the fact that it is being a premium segment VW Golf will be the best of the choice when it comes to FWD hatchback. Even though there might be new technologies and gismo gadgets installed, 1 Series will be way behind in the competition…

  4. emulajavi says:

    Wrong hood line. Again! Like all the F-series! Seemed they’d solved it with the new G series, but it now seems that they haven’t.

  5. Hinu says:

    This is bullshit. This is not a BMW. Stop ruining the brand…

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