Four years ago, in Cape Town, a unique establishment opened its doors. This place was created with the unique vision of creating an “environment to honor both man and machine.” That is, a place which places particular emphasis on man’s love for and fascination with motorcycles, in addition to being a bar, café, clothier with live music, of course. It’s name, The House of Machines, or THoM for short.

Just imagine, a place which is welcoming of motorcycle groups and individual riders alike, where you can go to enjoy a finely crafted brew of either beer or coffee, whilst listening to contemporary music, picking from biker-centric clothing and taking in the scenery of custom and unique motorcycles. Pretty enticing.

Now, after finding success in South Africa, the company has expanded its operations across the Atlantic, and then some. This past month saw the opening of their second location, much nearer the Pacific, in Los Angeles, California. This time, however, a big name has thrown its support behind the venture, and has even provided certain Heritage models, that’s pronounced R nine Ts, to serve as eye candy.

Timo Resch, BMW Motorrad’s VP of Marketing and Sales, spoke of what he sees as the synergy of the two firms, by saying, “BMW Motorrad and The House of Machines share the same passion for motorcycles and the surrounding lifestyle. The House of Machines is the perfect everyday experience of Make Life a Ride.” The folks at THoM, unsurprisingly, share similar sentiments, with their Strategic Director, Drew Madasci, adding, “THoM is a place for people with a love of detail, a striving for perfection and a passion for the motorcycle lifestyle… BMW Motorrad is the ideal partner.”

This ‘partnership’ extends further than just this single L.A. location, with a unique and new fashion line dubbed “Limits No Longer Apply.” The line, which was inspired by BMW Motorrad and which was created exclusively for THoM, will be sold for a year on THoM’s premises, as well as online for customers in the U.S.A.. Additionally, this model is intended to make its way to more hubs across the globe, bringing the motorcycle lifestyle to a broader swath. Even if you’re not in the L.A. area, you may be only a few years away from having a THoM near you.