In case you wanted to configure a new car or just check BMW’s current portfolio today, you might’ve noticed that there’s a new car included in its configurator. The German website is already hosting a BMW i8 Roadster sub-section, where you can find everything you need to know about the new car. Alongside it, interested customers can do the same with the upcoming BMW i8 Coupe, the facelift model also being posted on the website.

The current BMW i8 is still up for sale and therefore interested people can still configure one according to their personal preferences. This also offers you a good chance to compare the technical specs of the two. By doing so you’ll learn that there’s a weight penalty coming with the increased density and capacity of the new batteries. The new Coupe model is 50 kilos (110 lbs) than the outgoing model. That weight penalty goes up to 110 kilos (242 lbs) when it comes to the i8 Roadster which is therefore 60 kilos heavier than the new version without a folding roof.

Then again, that’s only to be expected when you want to enjoy open top cruising. That said, the i8 Roadster would still be our pick and naturally so. It looks better from every angle and being able to feel the breeze in your hair when cruising down PCH is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. BMW knows that and one official even confirmed that the company is expecting the more expensive, less practical, heavier i8 to be the crowd’s favorite.

Other things you can check out in the dedicated section include a section filled with photos and videos of the car, which we already covered, as well as 12 wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone or other device you may be using. Oh, and in case you also want to buy one, there’s a map of all BMW i Agents included.