Rolls Royce claims the Phantom is, and has always been, the greatest car in the world. If you’re basing that purely on engineering excellence and quality, it’s hard to argue with that. In this new review from Auto Express, we see exactly why the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII can be seen as the world’s greatest car.

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a “greatest car in the world” because it’s not possible for a car to be better than everything else in every measurable category. However, it seems like driving the new eighth-gen Rolls Royce Phantom can make one feel like they’re in something more special than anything else ever made.

From then outside, the new Phantom is massive and imposing while also being elegant and stately. That’s always how Rolls’ have looked — luxurious and elegant but also a bit vulgar. This new Phantom, while not wildly different from the car it replaces, looks better than ever before. Its lines are perfect, it looks muscular while also being subtle. Like James Bond in a perfectly tailored tuxedo.

But it’s not the exterior that makes the Phantom seem like it’s at the center of the universe. That feeling comes from inside the Phantom. The almost absurd level of luxury and build quality is simply unmatched in the automotive industry. You’ll have to look to private jets to find a more opulent cabin. The leather is perfect, the seats are superb and it’s whisper quiet inside. There’s also the stunning “Gallery” on the dash, which allows owners to commission artists to create anything to display on the dash.

Don’t think that the Rolls Royce Phantom is just a pretty cabin, though. There’s some very clever engineering underneath the skin. Built on an all-new aluminum-extensive architecture, the new Phantom is about as heavy as the old one, just with way more kit. So it packs more sound deadening material, more luxury, more leather and more technology. There’s even foam in the tires to help reduce tire noise.

There’s also a camera system that scans the road ahead and can pre-ready the suspension system to accommodate any sort of road imperfection it might see. So the ride quality is absurdly smooth and comfortable. Auto Express claims it’s the most comfortable riding car on the road.

But it’s even still enjoyable to drive. There’s a surprising amount of tactility to the Phantom, allowing it to be almost nimble to drive. It doesn’t hurt that it has a 6.75 liter twin-turbocharged V12 under its hood making a massive 563 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Which is…wait for it…adequate.

Overall, Auto Express feels that the new Phantom is the most impressively luxurious, comfortable and high-quality vehicle on the road. The only real gripe with the Phantom is its massive cost, costing more than most homes. However, that’s the price to pay for the greatest car in the world.

[Source: Auto Express]