Hillclimbing is one of the most fun and exciting motorsports to watch. Seeing tuned cars at their limit, flying around corners and trying to get to the top of a hill the fastest is intoxicating. The best part, though, is seeing the crazy concoctions enthusiasts come up for to actually participate in the hillclimb. This specific car is one that should make BMW fans drool, as it combines two of the most iconic Bimmers of all time — An E30 BMW 3 Series chassis and body combined with an S54 E46 M3 engine.

This E30 hillclimber uses a tuned variant of the S54 engine, making it faster, more powerful and glorious sounding. Being able to rev to 9,600 rpm, the E46 M3 absolutely screams in this E30 and sounds incredible. It’s a proper motorsport sound and it’s highly intoxicating.

The newly added and upgraded S54 is said to make around 440 hp, which is a lot more than the stock E30 M3’s less than 200 hp So this E30 3 Series significantly faster than its M3 could ever be. It also sounds far, far better.

Seeing this car fly through a hillclimb is awesome, as it shows off not only the glorious sound of the tuned E46 M3 engine but the natural chassis balance of the E30 chassis. It’s so sharp and alert, as it twitches and squirms its way around the corners of the hillclimb and it shows off why the E30 is so beloved among enthusiasts.

The standard E46 BMW M3 was powered by a 3.2 liter I6 engine that made 333 hp and revved to about 8,000 rpm. On its own, that’s really impressive and it’s one of BMW’s best engines. However, the ability to rev to almost 10,000 rpm is a different ballgame entirely. And the noise that accompanies this engine tune is worth whatever money and work was needed for this build.