As with any recent BMW unveil, the new BMW X2 breaks its media embargo and gets leaked on the Internet with hours before its world debut. The Korean media seem to have jumped the gun again and unveiled one of the three variants of the new SUV.

The leaked images showcase the BMW X2 in the new Misano Blue color and with the M Sport configuration which stands out with the large diffuser insert in the rear apron and the front apron in a Dark Shadow metallic finish. BMW has made the X2 sportier, more aggressive and more stylish than the X1. It’s immediately recognizable from its sibling, thanks to a lower ride height, wider stance and a roof which is more aggressively raked.

From the front, the headlights are very angular and quite angry. It also features the first ever set of kidney grilles where the outline is wider at the base than it is at the top, giving them the look of being upside down.

In profile, it has the right stance, looks muscular and has a clearly defined Hofmeister Kink, a necessity for BMW design. However, the best design cue of the side of the car has to be the BMW roundels on the C-pillars.

Inside, it looks almost identical to the BMW X1, though it comes with a new shift lever, which we expect to make it to the X1 as well, once it gets dual-clutch transmissions as well.

BMW has prepared a lot more information for us, along with some great photography, but we will have to wait a few more hours before the unveil.