BMW 3 Series Tourings are cool cars in that they offer good performance, fun-to-drive dynamics and impressive practicality all in one good looking and premium package. But they’re never really thought of as insane drag racers. However, in this video, we get to see an E91 BMW 3 Series Touring use its insane 900 hp to do epic burnouts and drag race an equally powerful Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon.

In the video, the E91 3 Series we see is pretty gnarly looking, with such low suspension I’m surprised the wheels don’t rip the fenders off in corners and pretty dramatic body work. It also sounds like a nitroglycerin-powered chainsaw. The poster of the video claims it has 900 hp, which is quite extreme, though we can’t prove that and we have no idea what has been done to the car to make such claimed power. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

What we do know is that it’s damn fast and rockets down the drag strip very quickly. But before it does any drag racing, the E91 3 Series and E63 AMG decided to do some intense burnouts side-by-side and the smoke ends up filling the screen. I’m not sure how they managed to save their tires from exploding. What’s impressive, though, is the ease with which the cars can roast their rear tires. The E91 simply rips its tires to bits with seemingly no trouble.

It’s obnoxious and crazy but a lot of fun. So check it out.
[Source: CarScoops]